Bleeders Are Leaders

Summer/Fall 2017

Dear Menstrual Hygiene Designer,

Bleeders Are Leaders aims to connect with 13,000 people this fall at GeekGirlCon to demonstrate the range of menstrual management products currently available to Bleeders. Would you be interested in supplying us with product samples for us to display and/or distribute?

To my great excitement, we, Bleeders Are Leaders, have been chosen to host a GeekGirlConnections table at the 7th annual GeekGirlCon in Seattle this fall ("GGC17") and conference organizers anticipate around 13,000 attendees. GGC celebrates the role of women in science, technology, media, and gaming, and brings people together to share their geeky quirks.

Bleeders Are Leaders has previously hosted menstrual health conventions--first as a Girl Scout silver award and then as a passion project--and has recently begun hosting tables at public events. Our "Menses Managed" project displays items that support menstrual hygiene, including disposable and reusable varieties of pads, tampons, flow cups, and leak-proof panties. Participants are encouraged to examine, touch, and ask questions about options available to menstruating individuals (aka Bleeders).

The samples you contribute would be freely given to attendees, to encourage them to find the best fits for their lifestyles. Any undistributed samples will be donated to local food banks where tight budgets often preclude easy access to hygiene products. Even a single product sample is appreciated, as it will help us illustrate the cornucopia of options for Bleeders for every gender and body type.

GGC17 is September 30 and October 1 this year, so I would need to have items in-hand no later than September 25. I hope this request strikes you as an opportunity to show Bleeders the benefits of your products and I look forward to hearing back.

Sincerely yours,
Kari Whitney
Adult Volunteer, Bleeders Are Leaders
Tacoma, Washington, USA

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