Bleeders Are Leaders

We've collected menstrual hygiene supplies at our conferences and we encourage you to continue to support at-risk bleeders in your community. Please consider donating new boxes of tampons or sanitary pads to your local food bank.

Thank you for your donations of supplies for at-risk bleeders!

The 2017 Bleedership Conference and the Days for Girls-University Place Team created rural menstruation kits as part of DfG's current mission to provide resources to women in India this November. Follow DfG on Facebook to learn more about their efforts or to help out on a work day. Conference attendees also donated copious amounts of menstrual hygiene supplies to support clients of Nourish Pierce County, our local food bank network.

The 2016 Bleedership Conference concentrated efforts on kits for The Swaziland Project launched by women's health trainers in Swaziland and DfG.