Bleeders Are Leaders

Hi, We're Julia and Carleigh. We are two high school women with a dream: to make periods better for everyone by talking openly and honestly about menstrual health.  We want every bleeder to have access to supplies, knowledge and each other to better manage their bodies and their lives.  What a simple idea, with world changing consequences!

We hope you will join us to make this vision a reality.

We wanted to address two issues: ensuring people around the world have access to menstrual supplies, and by extension, education; and eradicating the taboos surrounding open discussion about menstrual health.


When we sat down to find a way to tackle both issues, we decided the real issue was educating bleeders about themselves and their strength!  What better way to educate and celebrate than a great big Period Party? Through this idea, the Bleedership Conference was born!

why bleedership?

A few words about us

The Bleedership Conference 2016 created hygiene kits that were included in The Swaziland Project launched by women's health trainers in Swaziland and Days for Girls .